Welcome to Kindermusik by Bright Beginnings Studios


Hello Kindermusik friends!

We are so excited to announce that we will be having outdoor classes in July!  Here is the schedule:

Mondays (starting July 6) - 9:30 am Mixed-age outdoors, 10:45 am Mixed-age Zoom class, 6:45 pm Mixed-age outdoors

Tuesdays - 9:30 am Level 1 outdoors, 10:30 am Foundations outdoors

Wednesdays - 9:30 am Level 2 outdoors, 10:30 am Level 3 outdoors

Thursdays - 9:30 am Level 2 outdoors, 10:30 am Level 3 outdoors

Fridays 9:30 am Level 1 outdoors, 10:30 Mixed-age outdoors

Find more information and reserve your spot today by clicking on "Our Classes"

Each class will meet 4 times during July and you will get to take home a book and CD that go with the theme for the month.

We will do a few things to keep everyone as safe as we can for these classes .  Outside, we will use blankets to spread everyone out at least 6 feet apart.  Class sizes will be limited.  We ask that people do not arrive more than 5 minutes early and not linger after class for now.  Each family will have a plastic box or bag of instruments and props that have been sanitized.  This box will be yours to use for the entire month.  This way, only you will be using these items for the month and there will be no sharing between families. Hand sanitizer will be available.  Families may wear masks but will not be required to do so for this outdoor class.  It will be difficult for some children to stay away from other kids.  If you think your child would have a tough time staying in their blanket area with you, it may be best to wait to register for now.  If the weather is rainy or stormy, we will plan to do an online Zoom class instead that day. 

You will be participating in this class at your own risk.  There are risks to getting back together in a group setting.  Meeting outside and with our plans in place will reduce this risk but cannot guarantee this will be risk free.  Please wait to come to an in-person class if you or your family are considered high-risk. 

I know some of these restrictions will make our classes feel a little different, but I am so positive that this will be a great way for us to get back to the fun and learning and special time that is Kindermusik in person. 

We hope to see you all soon!  Class sizes are limited, so register today!



Does your child love music, dancing, creating, and interacting with other children?  Would you like their eyes to shine with confidence and their hearts filled with memories they will cherish for a lifetime?  We have just the classes for them!

Kindermusik by Bright Beginnings Studios is passionate about bringing the power of music to children and families in the Sioux Falls area. We provide research-based music-and-movement classes that are designed to enhance the lives of children through the universal language of music.

Kindermusik takes early music education to the next level. Our music-and-movement activities are carefully and creatively designed to enhance children’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development. Plus, Kindermusik’s focus on different musical concepts, genres, and styles helps foster a lifelong love of and appreciation for the music itself.

You can find our class schedule and enroll online in minutes by clicking the "Register" links next to the class of your choice.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!